Kiris Houston has written produced and performed on many cuts in a variety of genres from pop, dance, soul/ R’NB, singer songwriter and Latin genres. As a multi talented creative artist in his own right he has built a name as a dependable collaborator for his contribution through working with a mix of established international major label artists as well as developing & mentoring upcoming talent. Kiris’s credits include work for Kylie Minogue, Disciples, Jess Glynne, Olly Murs, Little Mix and many other. His collective works he has been involved in have been streamed a staggering combined 3 billion streams including 4 BPI certified Platinum & 4 Gold records, 3 UK Number 1 Albums, 1 US number 1 Albums in addition to participating in multiple National and international hit songs. Often referred to as “the invisible man” in the studio his chameleon like ability to bring out the best in an artist / production team, and his skill playing a wide variety of instruments from Keys, Bass, Guitar to Brass etc, has made him an essential part of many big records over the last decade.

His recent successes include penning and co- producing the platinum selling smash from Disciples “On my mind” – recording most instruments and also collaborating on many of their recent hits which have received widespread support from BBC Radio 1 aswell as commerical networks. He co-produced and wrote on a number of tracks on the last two worldwide hit albums by Kylie Minogue. In the last two years he has contributed to 3 songs for BBCs esteemed best record in the world this week.

He is currently located working from studios in shoreditch London, UK but also works remotely and can also be found frequently travelling for work with many international writers producers and artists.


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"Collaboration is always the key. For me its about finding a believable voice for any creation, always making something that can touch in some way whatever the type of music..."

— Kiris Houston


Starting out as an in demand session and band MD he began finding work as a co producer and writer.

Past work also includes member of band band brother which scored a top 20 UK album on EMI, founder and member of band Saravah soul which released 2 critically albums on Truthoughts records.

Kiris Houston is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese having spent a long time working / living in South America and continues to be heavily involved in developing new talent.

Early Life

Kiris was born in Papua New Guinea and his early life was surrounded by music. He is self taught on all instruments starting with piano which is learned by listening to old vinyl records of the likes of Jimi Hendrix and old Motown records which he tried to copy.

After some years in the UK he returned to the South Pacific which would give him even greater time to develop his skills and love of music and all things creative. Subsequent lengthy stays in Ghana and then Brazil and Venezuela lead him to working with many local artists and contrinuting to the creation of various artist projects. These included Saravah Soul which released 2 critically acclaimed albums on TruThoughts Records and a variety of electro tropical projects.

He continues to be passionate about mentoring especially young people, having never had a mentor himself and being burnt along the way he is a firm believer in the value in offering guidance and coaching to new generations of producers, songwriters, artists and creatives. For more information on his mentoring work with schools and colleges please contact :